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emotional affair

by ridemeraw88 10/22/2018
How many partners is too many partners?

by Jayvanc 10/22/2018
If Your Sheets Could Speak, What Stories Would They Tell?

by Xxentric_1 10/22/2018

by kevbristol 10/22/2018
Sudden fake profiles

by SwtBadGrl 10/22/2018
First time anal

by gotigers6032 10/22/2018
anybody lose their virginity on here?

by jonnyaz20 10/21/2018
Hottest first get together?

by big_guy2018 10/21/2018
Which is More Considerate - Stay or Go?

by Curiousthatsall9 10/21/2018
What do you do on AFF?

by PinkTacoPilot 10/20/2018
Open ended question to older women into younger guys

by EccentricLover18 10/20/2018
Constipated Communication

by FFU22018 10/20/2018

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